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The German firm LIEBHERR specializes in the manufacturing of cranes, mining vehicles, as well as a range of other products that are tailored to specific industries.

From a Small Crane Manufacturer to a Global Giant

The birth of Liebherr 1949
The birth of Liebherr 1949

LIEBHERR AG is a German firm which operates across a range of business areas, but has its core expertise in the manufacturing of machinery for the mining and construction sector, as well as precision machine tools. The firm was founded in 1949 and started off as a manufacturer of tower cranes, thriving in the post-war construction boom. Founder Hans LIEBHERR realised that German construction firms required mobile, durable and well-made cranes, and his firm became the market leader in that field within a few years. During the 1950s, LIEBHERR Group moved into other areas, marketing a range of gearboxes and wheels, and introducing new light-weight excavating machines.

International Growth and Innovation in all Areas

International expansion followed in the 1960s, as the company LIEBHERR International AG opened factories in Ireland, France and South Africa, and sales began to boom in the United

Liebherr Crane
Liebherr's first mobile Crane in 1969

States. LIBHERR Group went from strength to strength during the 60s and 70s, perfecting its mobile and crawler crane designs, and providing solutions to the growing offshore oil and gas sector. American operations expanded rapidly in the late 1970s, through LEIBHERR Mining Equipment, it became a leading name in the mining machinery market. By 1977, the pace of innovation had accelerated too fast that the firm could introduce its radical new all-terrain crane, which made Liebherr construction equipment in demanding environments possible. After organizational changes in the 1980s made the firm more efficient and independent, the 90s found LIEBHERR expanding into China, with a focus on concrete mixing technology. The firm also moved into air conditioning products and invested heavily in its research facilities, as globalization made innovation vital.

Liebherr  R954C

 Liebherr R954C


The LIEBHERR Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by LIEBHERR includes:

LIEBHERR's products span a wide spectrum of business areas. Their core range of construction and mining equipment is targeted at the extractive industries and infrastructure development firms. However, they also supply refrigeration systems to food producers, aviation technology to airlines and air conditioning systems to transport companies.