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  • Lenovo laptop
    • Auction: Last day

    Lenovo Y50-70

    Sweden | Segeltorp

    179 € $ 189 £ 157

    Info Brand Lenovo Model Y50-70 Windows Operating Condition of items normally Lenovo Laptop Model: Y50-70 Model No: 20378 Serial number: 36229698 Manufactured: 7/15/03 Charger included, only the computer booted not tested. NOTE! This is a forced sale when the object belongs to a bankrupt. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, it is therefore not possible to complain about this purchase. The bids are binding and bidding fee will be charged on all items. The item sold as is and is easier described, not tested by the auction firm unless otherwise stated in the property description. Property description is designed for the best possible capacity but are not binding in detail. NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessory see in the picture is not included in the item if this is not specified in the description.

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