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kuperSince the 1930s, German firm KUPER has carved out a place as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery. More recently, KUPER GmbH has also become a successful manufacturer of plastics processing and packaging equipment.


Experts in packaging, woodworking and plastics processing

Based in the German town of Rietburg, Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. KG is a company that focuses on manufacturing machinery for crafts industries such as woodworking, but also offers equipment for the plastics and packaging sectors as well. While the firm has three locations in Germany, it is also an international company, with subsidiaries in Russia and Canada, which means that it can reach clients in all of the major markets of the world. KUPER was founded in 1933, but expansion really started to accelerate in the 1960s when the firm opened its research centre in Freiburg and launched innovative new machinery models like its Zig-Zag-Veneer Splicing Machine. Since then, KUPER GmbH has focused on continuing to offer high quality processing machinery, but has also invested heavily in skills, ensuring that its 220 strong workforce is equipped to provide clients with the highest quality service, both before, during and after products have been delivered.

KUPER operates in three major sectors. The main part of its operations occur in the woodworking sector, where the firm has established itself as one of the world's leading suppliers of veneer processing technology. This includes everything from veneer cutting and chopping to the firm's ground-breaking zig-zag joining system. Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. KG has also been leading the way in manufacturing all-in-one machining centers, which incorporate advanced automation and monitoring systems. However, KUPER operates in areas well beyond woodworking alone. The firm also has a successful plastics processing subsidiary, which specializes in dealing with materials like plexi-glass, and Heinrich KUPER GmbH also supplies automated packaging equipment as well. The company emphasises that it deals with customers from pre-production consultancy to maintenance after their products have been installed. They also work to ensure that clients can be supplied with the right used machines, if required, and allows for flexible payment options.

KUPER Machines

The range of woodworking, plastics processing and packaging products manufactured by Heinrich KUPER GmbH includes:

  • Shrink-film packaging machines 
  • Laser plastics cutting machines 
  • Plexi-glass processing centres 
  • Zig-zag veneer splicing machines 
  • Glue splicing machines 
  • Finger jointing machines 
  • Handgluers 
  • Veneer waste choppers

KUPER products are widely used by woodworking companies where precision joining is required. This may include anything from furniture manufacturers to boat builders. They also partner with plastics and packaging processors.