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Bernard KRONE is a German firm which mixes to different areas of business - agricultural machinery and commercial trailers. The firm remains family run, and has a strong emphasis on sustainability in all of its operations.


Producers of High Quality Agricultural Machinery Since 1896

Bernard KRONE Holding GmbH & Co. KG is a German company which manufactures both commercial trailers and heavy machinery for the agricultural sector. The company was founded in 1896 and initially earned a reputation as manufacturer of tractors and other agricultural vehicles. In the 1940s, the company moved into expanded production facilities, but remained in its home town of Spelle, even as the company began to conquer overseas markets with its machinery. Production of industrial trailers led on naturally from Bernard KRONE GmbH expertise in heavy machinery, beginning in the 1970s as globalization started to increase the demand for efficient long-distance haulage services. However, the core of the firm's operations continued to be its agricultural machinery, with its chopper mowers, forage wagons, harvesters and rotor rakes becoming a common sight on farms and land management projects across Europe. Recent innovations have seen KRONE GmbH introducing forage harvesters which can deliver both high speed, levels of power and energy efficiency, a reflection of the firm's commitment to the environment. This has also enabled Bernard KRONE to appeal to farmers working on tight financial margins, as their vehicles save customers money through improved fuel economy.

Supplying Cutting Edge Commercial Trailers

The firm's commercial trailer arm has locations in the German towns of Herzlake, Lübtheen and Werlte as well as a facility in Turkey. Bernard KRONE continues to be a family owned firm, with a commitment to environmental sustainability (having installed an energy efficient cogeneration system at the firm's factories) as well as the human development of the company workforce. This philosophy is also reflected in their approach towards customer relationships, with Bernard KRONE offering comprehensive pre-sale and post-purchase support for all clients, to enable them to gain the most benefit from their commercial trailer units and other Krone Machinery. These trailers come in many different forms, from refrigerated units to car transporters and box liners for the transportation of containers. Second hand containers are also available at a discount via the company's website, and the firm offers a comprehensive spare parts network.

Bernard KRONE Machine Portfolio

The range of agricultural machinery and commercial trailers manufactured by Bernard KRONE includes:

KRONE Agriculture:
KRONE disc mower
KRONE EasyCut 32 disc mower
  • Mower conditioners
  • Disc mowers
  • Rotary tedders and rakes
  • Forage wagons
  • Round balers and square balers
  • Forage harvesters
KRONE Commercial trailers & Equipment
  • Curtainsiders
  • Insulated and dry freight trailers
  • Box liners
  • Vehicle carriers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Aero liners

Bernard KRONE machines are used by a wide range of customers from different sectors. KRONE agriculture machinery is used in arable and livestock agriculture, wine production, gardening and land management, while their commercial trailers are used in the freight industry as well as by specialist clients such as car manufacturers.