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knuthKNUTH is one of the leading manufacturers of "all in one" metal working machinery, which combines various functions such as cutting, sanding, milling and drilling. Based in Germany, it has an international presence with offices in more than 40 countries.


Specializing in Metalworking Since 1923

Since its founding in the German city of Konigsberg in 1923, KNUTH GmbH has become one of Europe's leading manufacturers of metal working machinery, with a workforce of more than 400 and a presence on 40 countries across the world. KNUTH works across a wide spectrum of metal working processes, providing machinery designed for process as varied as milling, drilling, turning, cutting, sawing and sanding, and also provides integrated packages which combine a number of these tasks.

The modern day corporate HQ is in the German town of Neumünster, but KNUTH also has German facilities in Denkendorf, Neuenhagen and Bocholt. It also has offices in international locations like Estonia, Brazil, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United States. This means that its machinery and service functions have a worldwide reach, and are used by factories across the world. Recently, KNUTH Machine Tools has sought to follow an "everything under one roof" approach to metalworking. Under this line of practice, the firm manufactures metalworking centres which can combine different technologies such as laser, hydro and plasma cutting within one location. And using advanced controls produced in collaboration with Siemens, KNUTH Machine Tools clients can modulate their production to improve efficiency and safety.

The KNUTH product portfolio

The range of metal working products produced by KNUTH Machine Tools list includes:

  • Vertical lathes
  • Horizontal lathes
  • Drill presses
  • Vertical drill units
  • Metal band and circular saws
  • Vertical milling machines
  • Surface and cylindrical grinders
  • Roll bending machines
  • Tube benders
  • Forklift hand carts
  • Measuring tools

KNUTH Machine tools are used by a wide variety of industrial clients, both in heavy and light industrial processes. They are suitable for any firms which need to manipulate metal to a high degree of precision.