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kastoBased in Schalkau and Achern in Germany, KASTO Inc. is a world-leader in the sawing and storage of bars and sheet metal. Their integrated sawing and storage machinery is used in factories across the world.


A German firm that has been cutting and storing metal since 1844

German firm KASTO GmbH specializes in the sawing and storage of metal bars and sheet metal. The firm was founded back in 1844 by Karl Stolzer in the Baden region, but it was in 1947 that expansion accelerated after the invention of the KASTO metal power hacksaw. KASTO Ltd. moved from its original base in Achern to a much larger production facility in Gamshurst in 1964, and started to develop an industry leading range of circular saws. By the 1970s, KASTO Inc. was producing high quality saws and had pioneered automated metal storage equipment. This allowed further expansion, with a new factory at Schalkau in Thuringia and the purchase of firms in other parts of Europe, forming the modern day company which regularly wins industry awards for innovation and best practice. KASTO GmbH now operates subsidiaries in France, the USA and the UK, alongside its two operations in Germany. KASTO Ltd. philosophy seeks to combine attention to the needs of customers, with a focus on staff development and skills, as well as a concentration on reliability. It strives to raise the efficiency of its integrates sawing and storage machinery, but blends this innovative drive with a traditional emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. KASTO's service team provides consultancy services, and will attend clients' premises on site to assess their needs. This assistance is geared towards allowing industrial clients to add capacity whenever they need it, and in a form which suits their requirements.

KASTO GmbH Product Portfolio

KASTO Inc. manufactures the following lines of industrial products:

  • Hacksaws
  • Bandsaws
  • Circular saws
  • Bar storage and retrieval systems
  • Sheet metal storage systems
  • Combi storage solutions
  • Integrated sawing centres
  • Storage control software
  • Cutting optimization software
  • Controls for its products

KASTO Germany's products are used by many different clients in both heavy and light industrial sectors. Any business or public organization which requires the cutting and storage of metal is a potential customer.