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KALTENBACH logoThe German firm KALTENBACH has been developing techniques for cutting, shearing and punching metal for over 100 years. KALTENBACH GmbH delivered metal processing services to a large number of industrial sectors, from bridge-building to tower construction. Used KALTENBACH machinery is very popular in the second hand market. Your business can save money buy buying a used KALTENBACH metal processing machinery. You still get the KALTENBACH famous KALTENBACH quality and high standards with a good condition machine due to high production value thanks to KALTENBACH way of manufacturing.



KALTENBACH GmbH + Co. KG is a German firm which is active in the metalworking sector. It provided metalworking services to a variety of industries, from metals production to mechanical engineering and vehicle production. Founded by Julius KALTENBACH in 1887, the company is still operated by the same family. For much of the twentieth century, the firm focused on producing high quality machine tools such as circular saws, but from the 1970s onwards, KALTENBACH GmbH expanded into providing both metal cutting and storage and transportation solutions. KALTENBACH  GmbH & Co. KG also began to move into other countries, with a French operation beginning in 1987. Manufacturing operations became steadily more advanced during the 1990s, with robotic profiling equipment being installed, and new capabilities being announced such as punching and shearing for flat or angled steel. And throughout the decade, KALTENBACH used its innovation to consolidate a leading position in the European metalworking sector. It even opened offices in Dubai, with an eye on Asian expansion, and its modern day sales force is active in North Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia. KALTENBACH's major locations remain in western Europe, with plants in the German towns of Lorrach and Hengelo, as well as Burnhaupt-Le-Haut in France. However, KALTENBACH GmbH + Co. KG operates a global network of service professionals, with the ability to deliver spare parts at short notice.


KALTENBACH SKL 450 H circular sawing machie
KALTENBACH SKL 450 H circular sawing machie
KALTENBACH KDE 1003 profile drilling machine
KALTENBACH KDE 1003 profile drilling machine

KALTENBACH Machines Portfolio

The range of metalworking products manufactured by KALTENBACH GmbH is big and wide and among others you can find there:

KALTENBACH is active in supplying many industrial sectors. Clients include firms in the vehicle and bridge-building sectors, as well as agriculture, power plant construction, ship-building, furniture making and any other industries where steel fabrication is a concern.