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Based in Germany, JAESPA is a leading name in the production of metal bandsaws. The company manufactures both standard and custom-made bandsaw machines to suit customer requirements.


First founded in 1957, JAESPA concentrated on the manufacture of metal bandsaws right from the very beginning. Over the years they have built up a reputation within the industry for producing machines of the highest quality and durability. Today, the company also produces bandsaws for use in other sectors in addition to the metal industry. A member of the German Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers, JAESPA now exports its products to across the world and works closely with partners in locations such as Holland, Belgium and the United States.

A team of more than forty people work at the main JAESPA headquarters in Spangenberg, Germany, manufacturing bandsaws of both the horizontal and vertical variety. In addition to bandsaw manufacture, the company also offers its clients material handling, in-feeding, out-feeding and measuring equipment.

JAESPA Product Portfolio

The majority of the JAESPA production output consists of vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines, consisting of a number of different types including:

  • Manual and Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic Scissor Type
  • Heavy Duty Double Column
  • Horizontal Mitre - Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic
  • Vertical Mitre - Manual and Semi-Automatic

  • Although most of the bandsaws produced by JAESPA are made for cutting various types of metal, they also manufacture bandsaw machines which can be used to cut other materials such as glass, ceramics, rubber, silicon and graphite.