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Italian firm IVECO manufactures trucksvans, defence vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles and other industrial vehicles. Through strategic acquisitions and research, the firm has developed a wide variety of products targeted at many economic sectors.

One of the world's leading industrial vehicle manufacturers

IVECO S.p.A. (Industrial Vehicles Corporation) is a leading Italian manufacturer of trucks and other industrial vehicles. The company was formed in 1975 from the merger of five separate firms - Fiat Industrial Vehicles, OM, Lancia Special Vehicles, Unic and Magirus-Deutz. This brought together vehicle manufacturing expertise from across Europe into one consolidated industrial organization, allowing IVECO to expand across the world. The merger also allowed IVECO to launch with a huge range of vehicles on offer. By 1979, the product range included 200 models, from light vehicles to heavy trucks. Some of these, including the instantly popular Daily range of light vans, were introduced in the years after IVECO's formation, as the brand began to generate a reputation for ease of use and reliability. This was enhanced during the 1980s, when IVECO adopted a strategy of boosting its international image via sporting sponsorship (and was one of the first major companies to do so).

Expanding into fire-fighting and passenger transport vehicles

Innovation also continued, with the introduction of the world's first direct injection light diesel engine in 1985. The firm also moved into other industrial areas with the acquisition of Astra in 1986, which manufactured dump trucks and loaders for use by mining and construction firms. The 1990s saw IVECO focus on its range of haulage vehicles, which became a common sight on European roads. The firm's trucks gained international recognition with the Euro Cargo and Euro Tech models being names Truck of the Year in 1992 and 1993. International growth continued, with the acquisition of Seddon Atkinson's range of refuse collection vehicles, and a Chinese venture with Yuejin Motor Company to manufacture fire-fighting vehicles. The late 90s and 2000s saw IVECO continue to expand, with its buses section growing particularly rapidly, as well as its powertrain manufacturing concern. And brand expansion also continued, with a high-profile sponsorship of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and sponsorship of Ferrari's F1 racing team. The firm also moved into ecologically friendly design, with Eco Bus models coming onto the market and more awards, with the Stralis Hi-Way scooping the Truck of the Year award in 2012.

The IVECO product portfolio

The range of vehicles manufactured by IVECO includes:

  • Magirus fire fighting vehicles
  • Astra mining and construction vehicles
  • Defence vehicles
  • Passenger transport vehicles
  • Haulage trucks
  • Medium and light vans (natural gas, hybrid and electric tractions available)

The vehicles manufactured by IVECO have found a variety of uses. The Magirus range are widely used in fire fighting, while IVECO has a large portion of the defence vehicles market, and their trucks are a popular choice among haulage firms. Their buses are also popular with municipal authorities and private coach firms.