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ISEKI Japan is a leading Japanese manufacturer of agricultural machinery. It has its origins in the production of rice, but has expanded to provide machinery which assists in the growing of a wide variety of crops.

An agricultural firm that with its roots in the paddies of Japan

ISEKI was founded in 1926 and swiftly became one of Japan's largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Initially, the firm specialized in manufacturing rice processing machinery such as graders and hullers, but in the 1960s, ISEKI Japan expanded into producing combine harvesters and tractors that were adapted to rice cultivation. The 1970s saw the company move into the European market, with the foundation of ISEKI & co. ltd Europe in Brussels, and more recently the firm has established a strong presence in China. It is based in the Japanese town of Nishi-Nippori near Tokyo, and has factories and offices across Japan. It also controls distributors in the UK, Oceania, Indonesia and China, and has a specific German affiliate company which is based in Meerbusch. ISEKI Japan has a focus on continually updating its products via investment in research and development, and seeks to combine what it calls "comfortability" with safety in manufacturing agricultural machinery. It is also concerned with environmental sustainability, and manufactures equipment such as gas and particulate measuring systems and diesel exhaust emissions analysers. Some of the firm's trademark agricultural products include tractors which are adapted to reduce slippage, as well as combine harvesters with zoomed augers, as well as advanced rotary rice planters. ISEKI seeks to apply this technology to agricultural challenges posed by rising global populations and environmental problems.

ISEKI Product Portfolio

Products manufactured by ISEKI Japan include:

ISEKI-maschinen gmbh provides equipment for a variety of agricultural clients. It delivers equipment for Asian food production such as rice, but has developed machinery which is equally applicable to grain or vegetable growing across the world.