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The American company INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS specializes in manufacturing heavy trucks for commercial and industrial  purposes, with clients including haulage firms, emergency services and specialist industrial partners such as timber companies.

Global manufacturers of long distance trucks and industrial vehicles

The company is a subsidiary of the major international firm Navistar, with its corporate headquarters in the town of Lisle, in the American state of Illinois. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS began life as a merger between the famous agricultural vehicles manufacturer McCormick and the Deering Harvester Company in the early 20th century. In the decades after the company's formation, it diversified into areas such as 
buses, trucks and even military vehicles, expanding rapidly during World War Two as demand from public sector clients increased. During the 1980s, International Harvester was dismantled, and the haulage division was rebranded as INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, which drew on the firm's decades of experience, specializing in producing long-distance V8 powered trucks. During that period of transition, the firm also established itself as one of the leading suppliers of buses to government bodies and schools, and in the years that followed, INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS also pioneered environmentally friendly hybrid trucks, with a range of fuel efficient diesel-electric trucks coming onto the market. Navistar has expanded the firm so that the company now operates across the world, with production facilities in Mexico and China, as well as joint ventures with engine manufacturing giant Ford. In recent years, INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS has continued to innovate in its range of environmentally friendly vehicles, introducing plug-in hybrid buses and compact electric vans for urban commercial purposes.

The INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS product portfolio

The range of vehicles manufactured by INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS includes:

  • Prostar long distance trucks
  • Lonestar long distance trucks
  • Transtar long distance trucks
  • Paystar long distance trucks
  • Durastar medium sized trucks
  • Terrastar medium sized trucks
  • Workstar medium sized trucks
  • Buses and coaches
  • Hybrid diesel electric vans

The products manufactured by INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS are used primarily by long distance haulage companies in transporting commercial goods. However, their trucks are also used in law enforcement and emergency services, industrial applications, passenger transport and urban commercial transportation.