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The company INDEX-Werke (“Werk” is the German word for factory) is based in Esslingen am Neckar and is one of the biggest producers of CNC turning machines in the world. Sales companies are situated in Brazil, China und the United States.

The history of the company INDEX

INDEX Werke GmbH & co. Kg was founded in 1914 by Hermann Hahn in the Swabian cityCof Esslingen am Neckar. In the same year, the company started with the production of turret lathes. Within the first 40 years after the foundation, INDEX Werke sold more than 20.000 machines. In 1975 the company started to produce  multi-spindle turning machines, only a few years later the production of CNC lathes began. INDEX GmbH developed a turning and milling center that bases on a system of modular components; it was introduced in 1992. Five years later, INDEX Werke purchased the company Traub Drehmaschinen in Reichenbach an der Fils and integrated it into the group as an independent subsidiary. Today, INDEX has 6 production locations, 5 international sales companies and more than 80 branches around the world. INDEX-Werke has around 2.100 employees, Traub approximately 400.

Main products

INDEX Werke produces lathes, mostly for the automobile industry and the automobile supplying industry. Also, a bigger amount of devices is sold to machine-building and electrical engineering companies as well as to the medical and the aerospace industry. Most of the components for the machines INDEX produces are made in Germany.

Production portfolio

  • Lathes
  • CNC multi-spindle turning machines 
  • CNC turning and milling centers
  • Fixed headstock lathes 
  • Sliding headstock lathes