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HUSQVARNA AB is a Swedish manufacturer of construction and domestic machinery with head or regional offices in Sweden, Belgium, the USA and Japan. Long acknowledged as a world leader in its field, HUSQVARNA Sweden manufactures its products in nine factories globally, with sales in more than 70 countries and 2,000 employees worldwide and complements its highly regarded construction range with its outdoor products, of which it is the world's largest producer, as well as a long-standing range of motorcycles.

HUSQVARNA AB - Manufacturer's History

With its headquarters in Stockholm, HUSQVARNA AB has a long, proud and extraordinary history of making a wide range of fine heavy duty products which integrate the traditions of Swedish design with engineering excellence and precision. Founded in 1689, HUSQVARNA started out manufacturing what are now regarded as some of the finest muskets available at the time. HUSQVARNA's logo today still incorporates the sight over the barrel of a musket. Rifle production continued alongside HUSQVARNA's other activities for 300 years, only ending in 1989. Throughout the 1800s, the company expanded, first making sewing machines and later kitchen equipment and bicycles. HUSQVARNA's renowned motorcycle range made its debute with the first machine in 1903, and the first HUSQVARNA Lawn Equipment is a lawnmower followed in 1919. More rapid expansion came in the decades that followed and by the 1960s, HUSQVARNA had moved into chainsaws and power cutters. Such was the attraction of the brand that in 1978 HUSQVARNA was acquired by Electrolux, only to be sold by the Swedish giant in 2006. Since then there have been acquisitions to strengthen the company and the HUSQVARNA brand, along with an expanded presence in China and constant innovation, such as the introduction of its first demolition robot in 2009. HUSQVARNA Power Equipment prides itself on its research and development facilities, to make sure that it remains ahead of its competitors in all the fields in which it manufactures and sells products and HUSQVARNA has established dedicated large research and development centers in both Sweden and in Belgium. HUSQVARNA says its aim is always to offer the world's best engineering expertise while, as a company with a strong ethical base, ensuring that the highest environmental standards are upheld.

Product portfolio 

The HUSQVARNA Products range includes:

  • Wall saws
  • Drilling equipment
  • Floor sawing machines
  • Handheld power cutting machines
  • Remote demolition
  • Wire sawing machines
  • Early entry sawing machines
  • Surface preparation machinery
  • Masonry and tile saws
  • Diamond tools
  • Protective equipment