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hurcoHURCO is a German company which focuses on the manufacture of turning centres and technologically advanced lathes. It combines an emphasis on the reliability of its machines with the deployment of software to give clients added control over manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing advanced lathes and turning centres since the 1960s

Based in the German town of Pliening, HURCO GmbH is a firm that manufactures machining centres and lathes. The company specializes in producing high quality, advanced HURCO CNC machining tools which combine ease of use with high performance. It is active across Europe, although seeks to retain its individuality and the sense of being a small, responsive firm which caters for the needs of clients. HURCO lathes are set up to reduce the time taken to process materials and to give clients greater control over their operations, particularly for smaller companies working on tight profit margins. HURCO GmbH has been working to improve its lathes since the late 1960s, and has gathered over 80 unique patents in the field, a sign of continual research and innovation. From the start, HURCO Companies Inc. founder Gerald Roch sought to blend the advances in computing with mechanical lathes, introducing programmed workstations. HURCO CNC manufactures lathes for a variety of sectors, including aviation and energy companies, with a particular focus on its range of 3-axis CNC machining centres, although HURCO also produces a range of high performance turning centres as well. The company offers a full service for clients, including constant support, training and spare parts, and also operates used HURCO for Sale machining centers to market past products.



HURCO Machine Portfolio

The range of lathes and turning machinery manufactured by HURCO includes:

  • 3-Axis machining centres (high performance, high speed and double column)
  • 4-Axis machining centres (horizontal)
  • 5-Axis machining centres (swivel head, trunnion table and moving columns)
  • General purpose lathes
  • Heavy duty lathes
  • Turning centres
  • Controls and parts for HURCO products

HURCO Machinery is used in a wide range of industries and from large to small organizations. Sectors that it works with include aviation, automobile production and energy firms.