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The Japanese firm HONDA is a multi-national corporation which specializes in the manufacture of advanced engines for commercial and industrial vehicles, power tools and aircraft. The firm has a strong focus on innovation and research, and is recognised as one of the "greenest" large companies in operation.

One of the leading manufacturers of vehicles and power tools

The Japanese firm HONDA (also known as HONDA Giken Kogyo Kabushiki-gaishai) is a well-known manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles, but also manufactures equipment as diverse as mowers, outboard motors and snowblowers for commercial customers. The firm was founded by engineer Soichiro HONDA in 1937 as a supplier of piston rings to Toyota Corporation but quickly became known for manufacturing engines for motorized bicycles. HONDA became one of Japan's largest motorcycle makers during the 1950s and 60s but also started to produce commercial vehicles such as pick-up trucks during the same period. At the same time, HONDA also chose to use its expertise in engine production to manufacture high quality commercial tools such as blowers, mowers, tillers and inflatable boats. This was such a success, that by 2007 the firm was selling some 6 million units worldwide every year, and had established a market-leading position in sectors such as medium range outboard motors.

From light vans to trucks, aircraft and power tools

In the 1990s and 2000s, the company expanded its research and development facilities, becoming one of the world's great corporate research centres in areas such as hybrid vehicle engines and robotics. The firm began to introduce versions of its cars, vans and motorcycles which could deliver far greater fuel efficiency due to advanced hybrid engines, and still markets the only compressed natural gas vehicle that has been licensed in the United States. HONDA has also been in the vanguard of marketing assembly-line produced fuel cell vehicles, a sign of its continuing commitment to following environmentally sustainable principles. Since 2004, the company has also expanded into new areas of advanced technology, developing new powertrain and aircraft models (and opening a HondaJet subsidiary in the United States) and driving down to price of hybrid engines, encouraging businesses to act more sustainably.

The HONDA product portfolio

The range of tools and commercial and industrial vehicles manufactured by HONDA includes:

The range of products manufactured by Honda could have many different applications. The firms trucks and vans are popular commercial vehicles, while their all-terrain and utility vehicles are used by militaries and mining companies and their power tools are used by industrial workshops, construction and land management firms.