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HILTI LOGOThe machine tools manufacturer HILTI produces cordless drills and screwdrivers, combihammers, demolition equipment and façade mounting systems that are widely used in many engineering sectors.


HILTI AG - Cordless Machine Tools

Rotary hammer HILTI
Rotary hammer HILTI

Maschinenbau HILTI AG is a manufacturer of power tools which originates from the Duchy of Liechtenstein. The firm was founded by brothers Eugen and Martin HILTI in 1941, when wartime requirements meant that power tools were in high demand. In the first ten years of its operation, the firm made a name by supplying tools for the textile industry and car manufacturing operations in nearby Germany, but it was in the 1950s that HILTI hit its stride, introducing its signature range of high-velocity tools. At this stage, the firm expanded into the Italian market and rebuilt its workshop into a modern factory in the town of Schaan. New products followed during the 1960s, including rotary hammer drills, and the firm began investing consistently in research and development. HILTI also continued to specialize in powder-actuated tools (PAT), an area that it was steadily taking as its own. Success continued into the 1970s, when plants were opened in Austria and Germany, and the 80s saw even more new products, including chisel hammers and diamond drilling systems, as well as a new manufacturing facility in Hungary.

HILTI AG New Areas of Technology

HILTI became a true global corporation in the 1990s with the establishment of a factory in China and investment in state of the art technology such as laser positioning systems. The firm's equipment started to be used widely in the woodworking industry, and HILTI also became one of the first power tools manufacturers to experiment with web-based sales and service. This growth and development continued during the 2000s, with more plants opening in Mexico and China, as well as beneficial deals with firms like Panasonic to produce cordless screwdrivers. HILTI also developed new heavy duty technology, such as heavy demolition breakers and combihammers, and the firm also began investing in renewable energy technologies with a move into solar mounting platforms in 2010. Within this impressive story of development, HILTI has remained anchored in family traditions and the community of Schaan, although it has created a workforce some 21,000 strong across the world. Sales and research are effectively globalised, with technicians providing support and selling HILTI products on all continents.

Used HILTI Power Tools

HILTI's power tools are used across the world by large engineering companies in sectors such as construction, furniture making, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and ship-building, but are also popular with small tradesmen and workshops. They offer specialist equipment to the renewable energy sector, and bespoke diamond drilling services as well. Every company who needs HILTI machines has another option of purchesing their machines. The ever growing market of used machinery. Getting used HILTI tools and equipment can cost almost half of the retail price. Used Hitli equipment can save a buisness money but still have the powerfull tool with the high production standards. 

HILTI Rotating laser
HILTI Rotating laser
Breaker by HILTI
Breaker by HILTI
HILTI Cordless circular saw
HILTI Cordless circular saw

HILTI product portfolio Examples

The range of tools manufactured by HILTI is wide and include some of the following:

  • Anchor systems
  • Combihammers
  • Construction chemicals
  • Cordless drills and screwdrivers
  • Cutting, sawing and grinding equipment
  • Heavy demolition equipment
  • Firestops
  • Diamond drills
  • Fastening machinery
  • Façade mounting systems
  • Solar energy technology
  • Measuring systems
  • Design software