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The German Firm HERKULES is a manufacturer of heavy machining equipment, including grindersmills and lathes, supplying clients in the metal-working and paper industries.

Manufacturing milling equipment since 1911

HERKULES Group manufactures metal-working machinery such as rolling mills, grinders and lathes. The firm was founded in 1911 by Franz Thoma near the German town of Siegen. Maschinenfabrik HERKULES immediately starting growing, quickly building a state of the art manufacturing facility. However, the firm expanded most quickly in the post-World War Two world, as the high quality workmanship demonstrated by Maschinenfabrik HERKULES became respected around the manufacturing world. By the 1980s, the company had started to purchases strategic businesses in the United States, acquiring firms with advanced control technologies within their portfolios and allowing the machinery manufactured by HERKULES to become the most advanced in its field. Along with expansion in America, the company has also opened subsidiaries in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Tokyo, Singapore, Moscow and the Brazilian city of Vitoria.

Keeping service as close to customers as possible and updating installations

HERKULES GmbH has developed a successful philosophy which focuses on being able to provide all-encompassing solutions for the materials processing needs of clients. With its range of milling, grinding and cutting machines, HERKULES can help manufacturers to build "green field" facilities from scratch, installing the latest machining centres to ensure that their production lines are as efficient as possible. These installations are backed up by an emphasis on keeping service as close to the customer as possible. Maschinenfabrik HERKULES therefore runs a network of technical support staff who can source spare parts rapidly and provide on-site diagnosis of problems that arise with the firm's machinery. They also allow the firm to install the newest models of its drives and control systems, which they recommend should be changed every 10 to 15 years. The firm also provides specialist training for users of their machinery, making sure that all installations are used effectively.

The HERKULES product portfolio

The range of machinery manufactured by HERKULES includes:

  • Turning lathes
  • Roll grinders
  • Small, medium and heavy section mills
  • Tube mills
  • Narrow and wide strip mills
  • Plate mills
  • Aluminum foil mills
  • Paper mills
  • Roll inspection systems
  • Roll shop equipment

The machines and tools manufactured by HERKULES are used in many manufacturing settings. The firm's major client area is the steel industry, but it also has partners in the paper industry as well as non ferrous metals processing companies.