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GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

The German based company GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG specialises in automated potato, beet and vegetable harvesters. It has evolved from a small blacksmith shop to a multinational business and leading world manufacturer in crop technology.

GRIMME Grows From Strength To Strength 

The Grimme family, from Damme in Lower Saxony, have been involved in the manufacturing of automated machinery for harvesting root crops since 1936, after many years in the blacksmith forging trade. By 1939 they had produced 1600 harvesting machines but due to WWII production did not commence again till the early 1950s with the single row Universal potato harvester and a potato digger. Grimme continued to develop their machinery and increase sales, by the mid 60s they were employing about 150 workers. With the production of hydrostatically driven two-row self-propelled harvesters sales spread across Europe.

Today GRIMME GmbH remains located in West Germany where they are now the largest employers in the area, with over 2000 employees worldwide and are a world leader in their sector. Their employees and subsidiaries are spread across the globe where local dealers sell the harvesting machines to over 120 countries such as China, Russia, USA, UK, Ireland and Poland. Their extensive range now includes more than 150 different types of agricultural machinery: including foldable potato planters, rotary hillers, potato separators, carrot harvesters and beetbeaters. Through their international network GRIMME are able to supply top quality GRIMME original parts and servicing 24/7 to all locations by highly trained engineers and service teams. The company clearly state that their goal is to maximise technical and economic solutions for its customers and to maintain a global presence as a leader in their industry.

Summary Of GRIMME's Production Portfolio 

The accompanying list highlights some of GRIMME's diverse range of harvesting and agricultural machinery:

  • Model DR 1500 goes to market
  • LK 650 potato harvester produced
  • 1st digitally controlled machinery
  • Storage and laying machinery
  • Flagship Tectron 415 produced
  • 1st beet harvester Maxtron 620

GRIMME also manufacture separating machines, soil cultivators, destoners, toppers and a harvester range for many different vegetables, from cabbages and celery to spring onions and fennel.