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GILLARDON GmbH & Co. KG manufactures quality  drilling machines for industrial applications. GILLARDON products offer excellent construction and durability, using top quality materials from reputable suppliers.

Company Information

GILLARDON manufactures drilling machines for a range of industrial purposes. With factories located in Gölshausen and Gemminhem, Germany, this manufacturer offers a range of machines for industrial purposes. GILLARDON distributes its drilling range to buyers in Europe.

The History of Gillardon GmbH & Co. KG

GILLARDON was founded in 1919 to satisfy the demand for high powered drilling equipment in Germany and Europe and continue to research and develop innovative products to serve the needs of drilling companies.

Vital Statistics

GILLARDON produce radial drilling machines, column drilling machines, CNC drilling centres, jig boring machines and gang drilling machines. The company also offers apprenticeships and training to high school students in mechanics and technical studies.

Bench drills

Offers a drilling capacity of about 20mm, threading of M 16 and a short spindle MK 2. Feed is operated by hand. Bench drills offer coil power of 0.55/1.0 kW.

Heavy duty pillar drilling machines

Pillar drilling machines at 28 mm to 32 mm. They offer a maximum spindle speed of 190/4000 u / min or 750/1500 u / min.

Column drilling machines

Column drills offer a drilling capacity of about 40 mm, a spindle of 160 mm with a mechanical feed clutch hand cross. Coil power is at 1,6 / 2,9 kW.

Coordinate boring machines

  • Hi-Jig Boring Machines offer a drilling capacity of 40 mm. The drills have coil power of 1,6 / 2,9 kW.
  • Gang drilling machines
  • A variety is available at R20, R28, R32 VE and R40 VE
  • Quick-radial drilling machines
  • Quick radial drills are offered at GSR 32 and GSR 32 VE-SL with spindles of 150 mm/200mm
  • Radial drilling machines
  • GRB models at 50 to 75 GRB and steel drilling capacity of 80 to 130 mm.