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GF AGIECHARMILLES/GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced milling and texturing machinery. GF AGIE specializes in high speed milling for industrial applications and laser texturing for advanced materials.

Innovative tool-making specialists from Switzerland

GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS Ltd is a world-leading supplier of machinery in the fields of mold and tool-making. The firm focuses on manufacturing precision engineering machinery such as electric discharge machines and high speed milling equipment, along with laser surface texturing devices, and also specializes in providing integrated automation solutions incorporating its range of products.

GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS has its origins in the mid nineteenth century when the firm Charmilles was founded in Switzerland under the name Staib & Cie. The organization began building cars in the 1900s, but its modern range of materials manipulation equipment really took off after 1954 when Agie was founded in Basel. Charmilles and Agie were merged in 1996 creating GF Agie Charmilles, which commenced a period of corporate expansion, as the firm moved into areas like high speed milling and automation. In 2009, GF AGIE started a new era with the announcement of a new range of laser texturing processes, which allow for techniques such as laser labelling and precision engraving.

GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS Ltd aims to operate a "customer-centric" support system, and also markets its equipment as uniquely reliable. The company also has a long-standing public commitment to sustainability, and sets itself ambitious economic, environmental and social targets to meet in this regard.

The GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS product portfolio

The range of precision engineering products manufactured by GF AGIECHARMILLES/GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS include:

  • High speed milling machines
  • Standard machining centres
  • Die sinking EDMs
  • Hold drilling EDMs
  • Wire cut EDMs
  • Laser texturing equipment
  • Automation systems for machining equipment

The products manufactured by GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS are used in a variety of different applications. Partners of the firm may include specialist texturing of advanced materials for medical uses. Their milling machines and EDMs are used in factories and workshops around the world, wherever precision cutting of materials is required.