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gesan Grupo Electrógenos GESAN S.A. is a multinational leader in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of  power generators. The company belongs to the Atlas Copco Group and is located in Muel, Zaragoza (Spain).

The history of the company GESAN

GESAN was founded in 1986 by Luis San Gil. The original philosophy, which still holds true today, read as: "To offer a wide range of generating sets of outstanding quality and which would meet the client’s needs." From the onset, GESAN focused on the design and manufacture of a wide variety of  generators and its global approach quickly made it a pioneering company in Spain. Already in 1992, GESAN began what can only be described as a global conquering expedition. GESAN has a well established distribution network in more than 85 countries, with the biggest markets in Africa, Russia and Europe. GESAN gets the majority of its turnover from the international market. With 160 employees its production and assembly facility has always been in Muel, Zaragoza, east of Madrid and it covers 94,000 m2. In response to climate change and as part of its global approach, GESAN strives to implement environment-friendly processes. As of July 2011 GESAN is a subsidiary of the Atlas Copco Group.


Main Products

GESAN Atlas Copco manufactures state-of-the-art technology and its facilities in Zaragoza have several production lines. All products receive the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates to guarantee the high quality of the wide range of generator sets from 2 – 3,100 KVA. Its main products are diesel and petrol generators that are used for primary power supply as well as standby purposes. The diesel generator sets are air cooled or water cooled.

Production Portfolio

  • Stationary E & D (a wide range of generators for emergency and continuous power requirements, divided according to their kVA-capacity)
  • Mobile Power (Tractor driven units, portable and rentable for temporary or continuous power requirements)
  • Light Towers (a lightweight with a long-lasting light and easy maintenance; perfect for use in mining, construction or emergencies)
  • Solutions (a team of engineers will find efficient solutions for unique requirements)