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Founded in 1974 and known for being the largest manufacturer of engine driven welders and generating sets, GENSET S.p.A. can be found in over 1,200 retailers in 60 countries around the world. 


GENSET’s production facilities are in Villanova d’Ardenghi, a municipality in Northern Italy’s province of Pavia. Along with producing engine driven welders and generating sets, the factory manufactures asynchronous alternators that attach to the welders and sets. GENSET manufacturers power generation equipment for the constructionagricultural, electrical, rail, pipeline, quarry and MOD industries. Petrol generators, such as the MG 3000 use a petrol engine with an electric generator to produce electrical energy. A power generator is useful as a source for an emergency power-supply if a power grid happened to fail. GENSET reached a critical milestone in 2005, when Mase Generators SpA, a manufacturerer and seller of generators, acquired GENSET. With the acquisition and combination of the two companies, GENSET became the largest producer of its kind in its respective industry.

Product portfolio

GENSET products include: 

As well as generators, GENSET produces the asynchronous alternators that coat the engine driven welders and the generator sets. The company maximizes its profitability since it produces all aspect of the GENSET generators, making it an ‘in house’ production on site.