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The American firm FORMAX is one of the leading administrative supplies companies in the United States. The firm manufactures  print finishing equipment, data destruction devices such as shredders, as well as specialist pressure sealing equipment to be used in mass mailing operations.

Providing paper manipulation equipment since 1987

FORMAX is an American firm which focuses on the manufacturing of tools for mass-mailing, data protection and digital print finishing. The firm was founded in 1987 in the state of New Hampshire, where it remains headquartered, as well as managing a production facility in California. The company initially prospered by developing efficient and popular pressure sealing machinery, allowing mass-mailing firms to seal thousands of letters at once. During the 1990s FORMAX moved on from pressure sealing, adding data destruction, mailing and digital printing products, which positioned the firm as one of America's leading suppliers of administrative equipment. The introduction of equipment like FORMAX pressure sealers has radically reduced labour times for administrative tasks like the completion of legal forms and tax returns, while the firm's digital printing systems have enabled small magazines and brochure producers to compete with larger print-shops and publishers.

Pressure sealing, data destruction and print finishing expertise

FORMAX now operates a worldwide distribution network, although most of its business still takes place within the United States. The firm's range of print finishing systems includes a wide range of different capabilities, from cutting and folding to laminating, UV coating, and collating. The firm also provides machinery to assist with different binding techniques as well as organizing documents into binders. FORMAX data destruction machines are a reliable means of disposing of sensitive print material such as personal records or bank information, and are widely used by health care and administrative organizations across the United States. They are complemented by the company's flagship selection of pressure sealing machinery, which enables customers who need to send out large volumes of standardised mail with a way to do so reliably and automatically, saving both money, time and energy in the process.

The FORMAX product portfolio

The range of administrative equipment manufactured by FORMAX includes:

  • Data destruction equipment
  • Pressure sealing equipment
  • Print finishing devices (cutters, laminators, binders, folders, collators)

The product manufactured by FORMAX are used primarily by office based organizations which deal with high volumes of paper correspondence, and are particularly popular with public bodies and accountancy firms. Their data destruction equipment is suitable for any firm which deals in sensitive information, while their print finishing products are aimed at the printing and publishing sectors.