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The Arnz FLOTT GmbH is located in Remscheid, NRW (Germany) and manufactures drilling equipment and breast drills for the German market.

The history of the FLOTT GmbH

In 1854, Friedrich August Arnz founded the Arnz FLOTT GmbH Werkzeugmaschinen with the purpose of manufacturing high-quality machine tools for the drilling industry. Since then it has become a “pioneer” of innovative design. The headquarters of FLOTT in Remscheid are connected with a production site and combine accounting, purchasing, sales and marketing with construction. After the economic crisis hit FLOTT in 2009, when the company had to file for bankruptcy, FLOTT GmbH managed to work its way out of the red and in July 2013 not only added another service facility in Radebeul but also received an innovation award. Internationally, FLOTT has further production sites in Central Europe and is represented in numerous countries, such as the United States. For many years the bestselling product was the bench drilling machine FLOTT Alpha, which was discontinued only after the introduction of the new bench drilling generation TB 13 Plus. In 2012, for the first time, FLOTT participated very successfully in the IMTS Show in Chicago. In 2013, Arnz FLOTT GmbH took over the delivery and service for the English XYZ Machine Tools in Germany.

Main products

FLOTT is a leading manufacturer of products in the drilling industry, especially of drill presses, drilling machines, sawing machines and grinding machines. All its machinery is typically equipped with digital depth and speed indicating displays as well as continuously variable electronic drives. With numerous patents and trademarks Arnz FLOTT GmbH is generally considered a market leader in regards to technology and modern ergonomic design. The certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the high quality and longevity of its products. Drilling machines made by FLOTT come in three variations: Column drilling machines, bench drilling machines with a table and bench drilling machines without a table but with a rack.



FLOTT Machines

  • Drilling Machinery (E-, M-, P-Series and Single / Three Phase 230V AC)
  • Grinding Machinery (Belt Grinding, Foot Standing with Dust Extraction, Bench Grinding, Deburring, Pipe Notcher)
  • Sawing Machinery (Metal Band Saws, Portable Metal Band Saws, Metal Circular Saw)
  • Special Machinery (A variety of different products for numerous needs)