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The FESTOOL Group GmbH & Co. KG in Wendlingen has developed into a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic and electric tools Made in Germany. Products by FESTOOL serve the expectations of professional users perfectly, so that the company was able to claim the international top of its rank within the 90 years of its existence.

Innovation and high quality for painters, carpenters and the automotive industry

The family enterprise Fezer & Stoll managed to enter the market after its establishment in 1925 with the first transportable chain saw and cemented its presence on the market with the first company-owned brand FESTO in 1933. Numerous innovations and more than 300 patents prove the company's passion for the needs of the craft and in 1951 FESTOOL marketed the 'Rutscher', a state-of-the-art oscillating sander, that would soon establish the brand in all specialized retail stores. FESTOOL Group strives to simplify the often difficult work of carpenters, painters and the work in the automotive industry. A combination of hand-held chain saw and runner allowed an important leap forward in 1964, and the same thing happened again in 1976 with the equipment of the disk-type sander with a suction device. Another highlight within the product development was the gearbox - disc-type sander ROTEX that combined three functions in one and that represented an outstanding innovation for everyone in the world in 1982. Distinctions and honors didn't take long to arrive and up until now FESTOOL could acclaim more than 80 awards. During the 1990's, FESTOOL GmbH developed the CDD 12, the shortest battery drill driver in the world and completed its SYSTAINAR-series with CT suction units providing for good orgnization and order at the work place. In 2006, the company presented a unique combination of joining machine and dowels. The DOMINO - linkage turned into a great success and in 2007 it was followed by the first FESTOOL – compound miter saw. Today, FESTOOL Group GmbH & Co. KG distributes high-quality products MADE IN GERMANY on all continents and is involved in their further development and optimization.

High-quality tools for various industries

The product range at FESTOOL Group unites handiness with a focus on precision, so that various battery driven products, manifold electric and pneumatic tools for carpenters, painters and the automotive industry are in steady demand. The product series for work place organization can be comfortably combined in order to optimize the production process. Moreover, FESTOOL GmbH offers all accessories and supplies.

FESTOOL Products