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elumatecELUMATEC AG is a German based company, which has much expertise in producing machining centres for plastic, aluminium and steel profiles. The company's spare parts, services and products are used by small, medium and big enterprises all over the world.


Global Frontrunner In The Field of Profile Machining Segment

ELUMATEC's history began when Eugen Lutz started a company called Eugen Lutz in 1928. This was in Durrmenz, a place that is located in Muhlacker. The company was actually a foundry, which manufactured sand cast parts using light metals. Since then, this company has grown over the past 85 years to be one of the global frontrunners for plastic, steel and aluminium profile machining centres. With its headquarters in Muhlacker, which is near to Stuttgart in southern Germany, ELUMATEC caters to the needs of various industries like engineering, construction, automotive and furniture. The year 1930 saw the revolution in carpentry industry with the introduction of MT 1 dish grinding machine. Machining centres for aluminium and plastic profiles were introduced in 1966. The year 1984 saw the change of company name from ELU to ELUMATEC. ELUMATEC's expansion continued with the introduction of its subsidiary company, elusoft GmbH, which provided software solutions for economical and intelligent profile machining in 2001. The year 2014 saw another name change, but this time it was from mere ELUMATEC to ELUMATEC AG with AG referring to corporation in German language.

The ELUMATEC Machinery portfolio

The range of products that are produced by ELUMATEC includes:

  • Saws like miter, table, notching and glazing bead saws
  • Controller variants
  • Length stop and measuring systems
  • Corner crimpers
  • Profile machining centres
  • Cleaning or welding
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Operating and assembly equipment like rotating, horizontal assembly and tilting tables, trolleys and roller conveyors
  • Software solutions for intelligent profile machining like eluCad 

The spare parts and products that are manufactured by ELUMATEC are used by industrialists and manufacturers all over the globe. Other than spare parts and products, ELUMATEC also provides its specialist service in software solutions for its machines. Partners include assembly, window, curtain wall, automotive and furniture manufacturers. For more info and complete overview checkout their official company website in English here