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EBM Germany is one of the world's leading tube and pipe forming companies. Operating from a German base, it supplies piping and tubing products as well as the machinery and tools required to produce piping.

A global player in the world of piping and tubing

EBM was founded in 1987 by German industrialist Erich Büchele (who also gave his initials to the company name). The firm specializes in the manufacturing of tubing and tube-ends and is one of the few companies in that niche which operates worldwide. The firm's first factory was situated in the German town of Herbertshofen, but within a few years, EBM GmbH products had expanded across the Atlantic, opening a manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Since then, the company had become a leading participant in the axial-forming sector, with its major focus on the European and American markets. It employs more than 50 workers at its headquarters in Meitingen, where it seeks to bring every aspect of the business under one roof - from manufacturing to sales, and from research and development to administration. EBM divides its operations into three areas. Firstly, it provides manufacturing solutions for clients who require formed pipes and tubes. Secondly, its service department helps to maintain existing piping and to provide spare parts as required. Finally, EBM GmbH provides tooling services to assist with maintenance of its products. The company seeks to work with its customers at all stages in the manufacturing process, and also focuses on ensuring that all products are rigorously quality-checked before delivery. EBM GmbH manufactures a range of standardized products, but also carries out bespoke work for particular clients, and offers a "one stop solution" for customers, including initial consultancy, manufacture and maintenance.

EBM GmbH Product Portfolio

EBM manufactures the following products:

  • Standardized tube or pipe forming machines
  • Customized tube or pipe forming machines
  • Tooling for their machines
  • Specialist piping products

EBM Germany works with a wide range of clients across many industrial sectors. Any firm which requires piping would be a suitable client, from food manufacturing to chemicals and vehicle operators.