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DONAU is a German manufacturer of CNC drilling centres and rapid radial drilling equipment which supplies firms in the engineering sector. It operates a worldwide sales and support system.

Manufacturers of high performance rapid radial drilling machinery

DONAU Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is a German firm which specializes in the manufacturing of radial drilling machinery, and has delivered 14,000 such machines to clients located around the world. DONAU was founded as Alzemetall in the town of Altenmarkt in 1945, and has consistently focused on the production of drilling machinery. Initially, this entailed the production of work-table based drills and column or box drills, but during the post-war period, DONAU developed expertise in the manufacture of CNC machining centres. These machining centres represented a combination of automation, safety and high performance, and incorporated the latest computer technology to allow users to customize their operations. As the 1970s and 80s progressed, DONAU introduced state of the art 3, 4 and then 5 axis machining centres, including vertical drilling and vertical turning technologies to provide customers with total flexibility during their own production processes. Nowadays, the firm carries out a great deal of specialist work on multi-spindle drilling projects as well as rotary and linear transfer machines - which means working closely with engineering clients to ensure that their needs are met.

Providing drilling expertise across the engineering world

As the firm's technological achievements developed and sales rose, DONAU established an international network of both distributors and customer support staff, and it now has a presence in countries as distant as China, the United States and the Russian Federation. However, the firm will also seek to fulfil orders from all areas of the world via the nearest available distributor. The firm concentrates on providing a comprehensive service to its clients, from initial consultancy to after-purchase training for users of DONAU machinery. The company operates a service hot-line as well as full maintenance and spare parts provisioning service. DONAU will also assist in retro-fitting older machines with elements of the latest technology available. When being used, the firm's machines are designed to be easy to use, with ergonomic "no fatigue" features which limit tiredness and seek to avoid accidents, making DONAU drills some of the safest on the market.

The DONAU product portfolio

The range of drilling products manufactured by DONAU includes:

  • Donaualpha rapid radial drilling centres
  • Donauflex manual operation radial drilling machines
  • Donaumeric and Donauport CNC controlled rapid radial drilling centres

The machining centres and rapid radial drills manufactured by DONAU are used in engineering workshops and factories in the metal working sector. Firms partnering with DONAU could include car manufacturers, boat builders and electrical appliance makers.