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DMG Mori Seiki

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  • HQ: BIELEFELD, Germany
  • CEO: Rüdiger Kapitza
  • Founded: 1870
  • Website:


DMG MORI SEIKI AG is a global player in the machine tools sector that has been formed by the merger of German and a Japanese companies. It specializes in industrial machine tools and has a global network of manufacturing and sales facilities.

A Blend of Japanese & German Qualities for the Machine Tools Sector

DMG MORI SEIKI is a multinational machine tools manufacturer,

which was formed by the merger of the German firm Gildemeister with the Japanese firm MORI. This merger has created a company with centuries of experience. The German wing Gildemeister was formed in the 1860s, while Mori Seiki began manufacturing machine tools in the late 1940s. DMG MORI SEIKI operates across the world, with subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and The Americas. It specializes in precision machinery and complex combinations of machinery for industrial uses such as lathes, milling machines, etc. With the resources unleashed by the merger, DMG MORI SEIKI also focuses on innovation and efficiency. It also has a strong sales network which reaches across the globe, operating over 140 sales centres and employing more than 4,000 people. Because of its global reach, the firm also seeks to provide replacement parts and maintenance solutions wherever its customers are based, and claims that it can ensure a 96 percent parts availability, should its machinery fail. In keeping up with developments in the machine tools sector, DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft also delivers 3-D software solutions that work in tandem with physical plant to increase efficiency and provide the services that customers demand. The firm was also one of the founders of the Blue Competence Initiative, which seeks to drive up the level of energy efficiency in industry.

 DMU 35 M-MachiningCen
DMU 35 M Machining Center

The DMG MORI SEIKI Product Portfolio

The products manufactured by DMG MORI SEIKI include: