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Based in Germany, DIOSNA is a global name in the production of mixing equipment. Their products are widely used in food processingmedicine production and chemical industries.

Manufacturing mixing equipment for over a century

DIOSNA GmbH is a firm which manufactures specialist mixing equipment. The firm was founded by Friedrich Dierks in the German city of Osnabrück in 1885, and initially manufactured machinery for dairies and creameries. This changed in the early twentieth century when DIOSNA introduced new mixing technology for thermoplastics and pharmaceutical applications. The firm expanded into the food processing sector as well, manufacturing integrated baking equipment and pioneering new mixing technologies such as the fluid bed system and developing new beating machines for food mixtures. DIOSNA has been responsible for many innovations in the world of mixing, including the first vertically rotating film coater in the world, which has found many applications in the medicine production field. The firm constantly seeks to introduce skilled technicians into its manufacturing arm, and has fostered links with German universities to propel its research forward. DIOSA has also expanded overseas, with offices as far afield as Hong Kong, Russia and Italy, providing it with global sales reach and the ability to support clients on all continents. The company's core areas remain ones that it has worked in for over a century - baking and pharmaceuticals. DIOSNA mechanisms have helped to make industrial dough kneading more efficient and have also assisted in making life-saving medicines available.

The DIOSNA product portfolio

DIOSNA manufactures the following range of products:

  • Kneading machines
  • Mixing plants (bakery)
  • High-pressure pre-mixers
  • Stirring and beating machines
  • Elevator tippers
  • Universal mixers and blenders
  • Fluid bed processors
  • Single pot processors (pharmaceuticals)
  • Granulating-drying machinery
  • Coating machinery

DIOSNA products are used in three major sectors of the economy. The majority of the firm's partners are in the food processing sector (primarily baking),  pharmaceuticals or chemical processing.