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DalexDALEX Welding Technology is based in Wissen/Sieg and produces innovative and robust resistance welding technology that can be implemented as a flexible series or special solution uses as well in the construction industry. DALEX places a lot of importance on customer-led designs for their machines. Their established welding technology includes a comprehensive periphery of know-how.

DALEX Welding Technology's company history

In 1911, the founder Carl Niepenberg, was a handwork master in metalworking industry around Solingen. The “Niepenberg & Co. GmbH” became part of the commercial register in 1922, as a steel goods factory that produced roll and razor blades. In 1936, the first welding transformers were produced in small pieces, and up until the 1950s their focus lay in international renowned razors. A new mile stone was reached in 1945, with the production of the first spot welding machine. At the beginning of the 1950s, DALEX entire production was transformed towards compact welding transformers. In 1952, the company was renamed and the brand DALEX was introduced. Strategic investments and acquisitions meant that DALEX lay the foundation for an extensive distribution network in the 1960s, and it advanced to become a market leader of standard welding machines. Innovative special welding machines strengthened their market position continuously in the following years, which meant that they were able to overcome the crisis between 2008 and 2010. Research and development are also of great importance, which meant that modern and high tech machines were produced and serviced.


Range of services

DALEX Welding Technology has profound competencies in resistance welding, and the development and production of standard machines, special machinesrobot tongs and most of all, their customer services. Their portfolio includes equipment for seam welding, roll welding, projection welding and spot welding, which can be supplied as machines tailored to suit the market or as automatic solutions. DALEX Welding Technology also offers comprehensive and complete advice, as well as professional customer service.

DALEX GmbH Product portfolio

  • Special machines for resistance welding
  • Standard welding machines
  • Hand tongs
  • Robot tongs
  • Mid-frequency transformers
  • Accessories for welding machines and resistance welding technology