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The Danish firm DAL-BO AS design and manufacture agricultural machinery, including seed drillsharrowscultivators and rollers. Their products are mainly targeted at arable farmers across the world, but are also used by organizations as diverse as city parks and golf courses.

European leaders in the design of precision agricultural machinery

DAL-BO AS is a Danish firm which manufactures agricultural machinery. The firm was founded by Henry Pedersen in 1948, and expanded rapidly during the 1950s. At first the company manufactured only tractor trailers, but started producing agricultural rollers in the late 1950s. These core products were developed, and export markets were opened up during the 1960s and 70s, and in 1990 a completely new product was introduced, the DAL-BO stubble cultivator. This proved a huge international success, with its adaptable design which can include harrows, cultivators and rollers all-in-one. With changes in European agriculture, came changes in the DAL-BO AS range. For example, increasing adoption of low-impact, low soil preparation agriculture stimulated the firm to introduce new sowing machinery in the 1990s.

Delivering energy efficient agricultural solutions

DAL-BO continues to be based in the Danish town of Bindeballe, where it employs around 50 people in its research and production facilities. Despite this commitment to the local community, the company is an international exporter, with around 70 percent of its goods being sent to foreign markets and particularly strong growth being experienced in sales to Eastern European markets. DAL-BO seeks to move with trends in agricultural production, introducing low impact machinery like its Maxiroll Greenline rollers and hydraulic rollers which operate while tractors remain stationary, making it easier to be precise when preparing soils. The company also specializes in designing products which have low running costs and deliver a high degree of energy efficiency, as well as well-balanced rollers which are easy to handle and safe to use. DAL-BO also manufactures precision machinery, such as the firm's seed drills which can be minutely adjusted to deliver seeds at exactly the correct soil depth. Their rollers and cultivators are also designed to avoid soil compaction wherever possible.

DAL-BO AS Product Portfolio

The range of agricultural products manufactured by DAL-BO includes:

  • Maxiroll rollers
  • Maxicut knife rollers
  • One-pass cultivators
  • Tractor-pulled harrows
  • Hydraulic disc harrows
  • Stubble cultivators
  • Seed bed cultivators
  • Front and back-mounted packers
  • Double furrow presses

The range of products manufactured by DAL-BO is intended primarily for use by agricultural businesses, both in arable and livestock sectors. However, their rollers and harrows are also used by land management and horticultural firms, vineyards and leisure businesses such as golf courses and parks.