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DAF Trucks is a Dutch company which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of long-distance haulage vehicles. The firm also supplies specialist  vehicles for mining and forestry applications.

Manufacturing high quality long-distance haulage trucks since 1928

DAF Trucks N.V. is a Dutch company which specializes in the manufacture of heavy trucks for the long-distance haulage industry. The firm was founded in 1928 by Hub van Doorne as an engineering and repair shop, but the firm quickly switched to concentrating on the production of sturdy freight trailers during the 1930s. The firm then gained success, delivering reliable vehicles to the Dutch army, before changing its name in 1948 to Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek. DAF was one of the most innovative manufacturers of buses and trucks in post-war Europe, pioneering slide-out engines, which made maintenance much easier. The firm focused on truck production from 1950, opening new production facilities and supplying armed forces across Europe with multi-purpose vehicles. This strategy was so successful that, by 1955, DAF Trucks had turned out its 10,000th chassis, and continued to innovate, introducing trucks with the highest load capacity available at that time. This resulted in some ground-breaking vehicles, such as the 2600 haulage truck, which has been dubbed the "mother of international road haulage" as well as new departures for the firm such as tipper chassis designs and cement mixers. During the 1970s, DAF Trucks introduced light-weight trucks, as well as diesel models, including the popular "Supercontinental" truck, which became a common vehicle on long-distance haulage routes.

Winning rallies and developing sustainable haulage systems

During the 1980s, DAF pushed the boundaries further, and regularly won the Paris-Dakar rally with its reliable trucks that could perform in even the most demanding situations. Its trucks continued to become more spacious, more powerful and remained as lightweight as possible, driving up efficiency. New models came on the market, such as the "Euromaster" in 1990. However, during the 1990s, the haulage market suffered, and DAF TRUCKS was acquired by haulage group PACCAR in 1996, securing its future. The firm weathered the storm and brought out new trucks as the 2000s arrived, with the LF class of truck winning the Truck of the Year award in 2002, while a new test centre was opened in 2008. 2010 saw DAF TRUCKS launching another first, with its range of hybrid trucks, and the firm expanded overseas, opening a Brazilian factory in 2013.

The DAF Trucks product portfolio

The range of industrial vehicles manufactured by DAF Trucks includes:

  • The Euro 6 range of haulage trucks (XF, CF and LF models)
  • The Euro 5 range of haulage trucks (XF and CF models)
  • Specialist trucks for the forestry and mining sectors
  • PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines
  • Components for trucks, specialist vehicles and buses/coaches

Thee product manufactured by DAF Trucks are mainly used by long-distance haulage firms, but their specialist vehicles are also purchased by forestry,  construction and mining companies, while their engines are used in buses, coaches and military vehicles.