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DAEWOO was a major South Korean corporation and played a leading role in Korea’s national economic development. The main divisions of DAEWOO are International Trade, Project Organization, and Resource Development.

History of DAEWOO

DAEWOO International conducts business with both local and international customers. They carry a wide range of products including  metal, steel, raw steel material, non-ferrous metal, machinery, automotive components, industrial electronics, along with chemical and agro-fishery products. Additionally, DAEWOO plays a crucial role as a project organizer for overseas development projects such as railroads, power generation plants, ports, and IT facilities. DAEWOO also exports and trades industrial machines and equipment. DAEWOO has gone through many changes throughout their history. The company began in 1967 as DAEWOO Industry Co. Ltd. and focused mainly on exports. It was then renamed to DAEWOO Corporation in 1982 to reflect their devotion to international trade. In December 2000, a spin-off of DAEWOO Corporation was formed, DAEWOO International Corp., and specialized in project organization, international trade, and resource development. DAEWOO was incorporated into POSCO Group in the year 2010. 

DAEWOO Divisions

DAEWOO had about 20 different divisions under the umbrella DAEWOO Group, but today only six remain and they include:

  • Daewoo Electronics – A strong branch both internationally and in Korea
  • Daewoo Engineering & Construction – Specializing in construction
  • Daewoo International – Specializing in trading and investments
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering – Specializes in shipbuilding
  • S&T Daewoo – Specializing in small firearms manufacturing
  • Tata Daewoo – Specializing in commercial vehicles