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crown equipmentCROWN Equipment Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of forklift trucks in the world. With a main base located in the United States, CROWN has manufacturing facilities situated across the globe.


Founded in the state of Ohio, USA, by two brothers in 1945, CROWN Equipment Corp. initially manufactured temperature controls for coal-burning furnaces and antenna rotators for television sets. Production of forklifts officially began in 1957, as CROWN Equipment company spotted a gap in the market for smaller lift trucks within the material handling industry. Continuing to innovate and adapt, CROWN very quickly became a leader in the manufacture of material handling machinery.

CROWN Equipment Australia opened its first international base in Australia in 1966 and began to establish a firm presence in Europe as the sixties drew to a close. Today, the company boasts a number of manufacturing facilities in international locations including Germany, Mexico and China. These are in addition to the seven manufacturing locations that exist in the United States.

Renowned for innovation in design, CROWN forklifts have won a number of industry awards throughout the years.


CROWN Equipment Portfolio

The range of material handling trucks produced by CROWN is wide and includes trucks suitable for use in a variety of situations.

Hand-operated movers include:

Electric-powered forklifts designed to be driven include narrow aisle reach trucks and counterbalanced trucks. CROWN also produces gas powered forklifts with large lifting capacities. These range from machines with a 2 ton lifting capacity to larger models which can lift up to 18 tons.