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Clark_LogoThe specialist, American CLARK Material Handling Company is the inventor of forklifts. It used to be a supplier of autombile components, and now it is a worldwide operating company with a focus on the production and sale of different types of  forklifts and storage technology. Material handling machinery is the expertise of CLARK, as a company owner, you must be familiar with this brand. Having a CLARK machine in the warehouse is almost a must have. You may also know that buying a new CLARK forklift might be a bit out of reach money wise for most businesses. One great solution is buying a used CLARK forklift or any other material handling equipment at industrial auctions. you can get a used CLARK machine in the fraction of the price and the same reliable machine with the heights production standards. 


Clark Material Handling History

In 1903, CLARK (CMHC) was founded as a supplier of components for automobiles and in 1917 it astonished everyone with the first forklift for indoor transportation. With eight orders from different companies in 1918, this was the company's foundation for a whole individual production range. CLARK (CMHC) introduced the Truclift in 1920, which was equipped with hydraulics so it could move between two and five tonnes up and down. In 1923, the Duat (“do this, do that”), a three-wheeled hauler and it could pull 750kg was produced. This was the foundation for the first gasoline-powered forklift. Clarktor and Tructier were the precursors for the modern CLARK generation. In 1942, the first electric-operated forklift was developed, which can only undertake one shift at a time. Its production had to be postponed until 1945 because the government's requirements were a priority at this time. In the following years, CLARK Material Handling Company continued to develop their technologies and undertook some strategic acquisitions. This means that CLARK products like forklifts was able to establish itself not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Latin America and South America. Since 2004, this company has been represented by “CLARK Europe GmbH” in Europe. Their head office was in Duisburg at first, and then it moved to Mülheim an der Ruhr in 2007.

Range of Services

The first forklifts were developed over the years into intelligent industrial trucks that were modern, safe and ergonomic with various different types of engines. CLARK products range of services includes low-platform trucks, high lifters, reach trucks, electric haulers and mini devices. All these machine are being used all over the world and in big mass, so much as there is almost no warehouse or other companies in need of materials handling machinery that don't know the name CLARK. Therefore used CLARK forklifts and other used Clark material handling machinery are in high demand in the second hand industrial market. Every company or warehouse owner must consider buying used Clark machinery as a means to power up the fleet but still save money.

CLARK Products and Models

Clark C60
Clark C60 Forklift
Clark ESX Lift truck
Clark ESX Lift truck
Clark OSX Order Picker
Clark OSX Order Picker
Clarck WPX Pallet Truck
Clarck WPX Pallet Truck