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Having been manufacturing vehicles since 1919, CITROEN is an experienced firm which produces a popular range of vans and personnel carriers for commercial clients.

One of the most well-known French manufacturers of commercial vehicles

French car manufacturer CITROEN is one of the largest vehicle makers in the world, and produces a diverse range of industrial and commercial vehicles, alongside its more well-known personal models. Founded by visionary engineer Andre-Gustave CITROEN in 1919, the firm started out by transferring American styles of mass production to the European market. The firm's vehicles quickly acquired a reputation for being tough and durable, which made them particularly suitable for commercial uses. The post-World War Two period saw the firm achieve world-wide fame, with models like the 2CV becoming a common sight from Europe to Asia. The company also developed an award-winning range of commercial fans like the sturdy and reliable H class.

After striking a deal with Fiat during the 1950s, CITROEN was bought by fellow French vehicle manufacturer Peugeot in the 1970s, and the firm started to introduce new models of commercial vehicle like the Berlingo - which is used by many emergency services and police forces. This period also saw the company expanding its production capabilities, as it opened factories in locations as disparate as China, Slovakia, Argentina and Turkey. By the late 2000s, CITROEN had developed a successful collection of commercial and industrial products, including the Nemo range of vans, the Jumpy personnel carriers and the far larger Jumper box vans. CITROEN also worked to reduce its environmental footprint, introducing hybrid engines in 2011 and pioneering the use of polymer materials which use far less metal than conventional forms.

The CITROEN product portfolio

The range of commercial vehicles manufactured by CITROEN includes:

  • Nemo range of small vans
  • Berlingo range of LCVs
  • Berlingo multispace personnel carriers
  • Dispatch range of medium sized vans
  • New Relay range of larger box vans
  • Emergency vehicles

The vehicles manufactured by CITROEN are used either as personnel carriers or as utility vans by commercial organizations. Their vans come in a range of sizes and are adapted to different cargoes such as standard pallets or industrial equipment. Their personnel carriers are widely used as taxis and courtesy cars by businesses.