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Founded in Italy, CENTAURO is a leading name in the production of woodworking machinery. In addition, the company also has a foundry division which produces a range of iron castings.


Since the early 1940s, CENTAURO has enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturer of quality industrial machinery. They were the first company in their native country of Italy to produce band saws with steel beds and have continued to evolve and innovate ever since.

This desire for innovation and quality led to CENTAURO introducing a new line of lathes to their portfolio in 1970. Utilising the latest technology, the 
production of lathes continually evolved to eventually include electronic and numerically controlled versions.

Alongside the manufacture of a range of woodworking machinery, CENTAURO has a foundry division which produces iron castings both for its own woodworking production facilities and for sale to third parties.

Employing in excess of 100 people at its manufacturing base in the Province of Modena, Italy, CENTAURO exports goods all across the globe.

CENTAURO Product Portfolio

The vast majority of the production output of CENTAURO involves machinery for use in the woodworking industry. The iron castings used in the manufacture of these machines are produced at their own foundry.

The main speciality of CENTAURO is the production of band saws but they also manufacture other products for use in the woodworking sector such as:

  • Lathes
  • Rip Saws
  • Chain mortisers
  • Chisel mortisers

In addition, the CENTAURO name can also be found on boring and hinge inserting machines and an NC milling machine for doors and window frames.