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CeboraCEBORA SpA is an Italian firm which has two areas of expertise. The firm manufactures both plasma cutting and welding equipment, as well as castors and wheels for use with heavy loads.


An Italian leader in the plasma cutting and portable welding field

CEBORA SpA is an Italian company which specializes in the manufacturing of welding and plasma cutting equipment. The company was founded by Emiliano Generali in 1954 as "Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Bolognesi", which was later shortened to CEBORA SpA. Initially, the firm manufactured battery chargers and portable welding kits, but quickly developed the capability to manufacture more complex welding machinery. At the same time, CEBORA SpA branched out into a different line of work, which the firm still maintains. In 1958, it formed a subsidiary called Officina Ruote & Affini, which became one of Italy's leading manufacturers of wheels and castors for office use. However, the firm's core operations have been in welding, and CEBORA Italy expanded into markets as far afield as Latin America and Asia during the 1960s, developing new models of powerful and portable welding machines. However, the firm received an even greater boost when it became one of the first companies in the world to develop effective plasma welding products. In 1986, it introduced the "Plasma Pocket", which instantly attracted buyers around the world. The 1990s saw the firm's welding technology improved by new power sources, which increased energy efficiency and made their products more convenient by extending their batter life. CEBORA SpA also embraced global trends towards robotics and automation, manufacturing welding products which took their place on production lines in a number of manufacturing fields.

Manufacturing castors and wheels for materials handling challenges

The success of CEBORA has been accompanied by a strong focus in research and development, and the firm has enjoyed a particularly fruitful relationship with the University of Bologna. This has helped CEBORA Italy to extend the power sources used by its welding equipment, and to boost the strength of their welding capabilities at the same time. The firm's industrial wheels and castor business has also not stood still, producing plastic castors with impressive load capacity, as well as the stainless steel "X-Line" range of castors, which have become a vital part of many factories and warehousing operations due to their lightweight and great strength. Due to these developments, in total CEBORA SpA now employs more than 150 skilled employees, and has become an exporting success story, with 70 percent of its products heading to overseas markets.

CEBORA SpA Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by CEBORA SpA includes:

  • MIG welding machinery
  • Plasma cutting machinery
  • Specialist power sources for Plasma and MIG welding in industrial settings
  • Automated and robotic welding solutions
  • Wheels and castors for warehouse, industrial and office use

The products manufactured by CEBORA SpA come in two categories. The welding and cutting equipment that the firm manufactures is used by metal working, automobile and aircraft manufacturers, construction firms - any organization that works with metals. The firm's castors and wheels are used in warehouse and industrial settings where heavy loads are involved, as well as office environments.