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BuerkleBÜRKLE manufacture equipment that is used in lamination and lacquering processes. Clients include electronics firms, house builders, car companies and banks.

Worldwide suppliers of lacquering and laminating systems

Robert BÜRKLE GmbH Freudenstadt is a German firm which manufactures lacquering and laminating systems for the electronics, construction, carpentry, automotive and energy sectors. BÜRKLE has two major manufacturing facilities in the German towns of Freudenstadt and Rietberg-Mastholte where the firm manufactures advanced materials processing machinery. The company has a strong focus on providing total production solutions for their clients, with all of the different parts of the production process brought into one system. Their success has led to BÜRKLE GmbH operating subsidiaries across the world in countries as diverse as the United States, China and Germany. Initially, the firm started as a supplier of lacquering products to the furniture industry.


Supplying lamination solutions to the European economy

As Germany boomed after the Second World War, firms like BÜRKLE stepped in to supply efficient machinery that firms needed to build new offices and homes. This soon developed into a much larger lacquering and laminating operation as the demand grew for products like car interiors and electronic circuit boards. Robert BÜRKLE GmbH became experts in supplying laminated circuit boards for computer manufacturers, as well as the magnetised plastic cards used by credit card companies and banks. More recently, the company has also been a market leader in supplying the solar photovoltaic industry with specialist laminating equipment that is used to supply renewable energy across the world. The firm has also developed innovative home insulation materials as well as new ways to coat brake pads and gaskets in automobiles.

BÜRKLE Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by Robert BÜRKLE GmbH includes:

  • Coating systems for car components
  • Systems for profiling and packing insulation boards
  • Lamination equipment of the solar industry
  • Plastic card manufacturing systems
  • Circuit board laminators
  • Flooring, furniture and wood panel laminators

The lacquering and laminating products manufactured by BÜRKLE are used in many different applications from the production of computers to manufacturing credit cards and renewable energy solutions.