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Bayerische Motoren Werke, or abbreviated to BMW, are a German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer which was founded during World War II. This prestigious brand is synonymous with the taste of the middle classes and of sports stars and other celebrities.

A brief history

The BMW brand was founded in 1916 and within two years, had seized the responsibility of aircraft production throughout the country. Once the Versailles Armistice Treaty began to settle in 1923, BMW started to concentrate its efforts on the production of motorcycles. Six years later in 1929, this brand also started producing automobiles. The first BMW car to hit the road was the Dixi, which was inspired by the British Austin 7 automobile. By the late 1950s, BMW started experiencing some financial difficulties and found itself in a conundrum. After much deliberation, this company decided to persist instead of folding and subsequently went on to purchase the manufacturing rights of the Italian brand Iso Isetta. By the early 1990s, BMW bought the British company Rover, however sold these assets six years later, just before Rover went into liquidation. By 2012, BMW was officially named as the world's most reputable car company by and this was primarily based upon people's desire to recommend, buy from, work for, or invest in them.

What accolades BMW can still boast today

Today, BMW sells more than one and a half million products annually and the popularity of this company has even resulted in a number of slang terms such as 'beamer' and 'be-M'. In 2013, BMW announced that they would be releasing their first electric car, which is due to hit the road at the end of 2014. 

The Product Portfolio of BMW is basically cars. A brief history-portfolio of BMW's products.

  • 3/15 Saloon
  • 328 Roadster
  • 340 Sedan
  • Isetta 300
  • E3 Saloon
  • M1 Supercar
  • Z1 Roadster
  • Z3 Coupe
  • X3 Crossover
  • X4