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BIZERBA GmbH is a German company, specialising in food processing equipment. This company has led the way with innovative technology and contributions worldwide, since 1866.

A straight way to innovation 

BIZERBA was founded by the Bizer brothers in 1866. They used their surname and the name of city Balingen, where their headquarters was located, for the company's name. In 1839 the Bizer Brothers received their first commission, to build a weighbridge for Balingen. BIZERBA went on to produce innovative equipment that would help to make slicing, processing, weighing, cashing and the checking of groceries more efficient.

In 1868 Andreas Bizer registered A. Bizer, Manufacturer of Weighbridges, as a small company. Andreas Bizer's son in law, Whilhelm Kraut, the then manager of the company, collaborated with master craftsmen Schlaich and Hauser, to create the world's very first pendulum quadrant weighing scales, in 1924. The scales were patented in 1930 by BIZERBA GmbH. Ever innovative, BIZERBA went on to design and produce the world's first industrial scale. The company brought its expertise to retail and grocery stores in 1965, with electronic measuring weights and pricing equipment. In 2002 BIZERBA were again the first to introduce CE glass touch screen scales. This revolutionised updating and scale management. Optical Article Recognition Scales were introduced in 2007 and in 2010 BIZERBA produced a new Ceraclean surface to their existing BIZERBA slicers.

BIZERBA Product Portfolio

BIZERBA design and produce a range of food processing and handling equipment, like Slicers, Meat Processing Machines, Retail Scales and Industrial Weighing Systems. They also create Labellers and a range of software, while providing an impeccable service. BIZERBA equipment remains on the cutting edge of technology and the company is currently represented in 120 countries worldwide. They supply a wide range of prominent grocery chain stores, such as Morrison's, in the UK and the Mexican chain store Soriana.