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biesseThe BIESSE Group has 100,000m² of production facilitates worldwide, where they employ 2,800 employees and produce highly-precise wood, glass and stone processing machines for industrial settings.


The BIESSE Group – A success story

BIESSE Group was founded in 1969 and has placed a lot of value on innovation since the beginning. This is how it differentiates itself from other wood machine manufacturers. Courageous decisions, investment in research and strong corporations means that this company has risen to the top over the years. Today, BIESSE produces highly developed machines and equipment for producing and assembling doors and windows, furniture, furniture accessories and everyday objects out of wood, stone and glass.

BIESSE CNC Machines 

The BIESSE Group is part of the CO.ENV (Consortium for the promotion and coordination of research and development activities). This organisation ensures that the economic growth and innovation of manufacturers in the region are optimal, that new technologies are used and that there are excellent services available for every phase of the production process. Through their constant strive for innovation, research and technological enhancement of modular solutions, BIESSE created the right environment to produce e.g. turnkey machines for industrial facilities and CNC machining centres for small to medium sized enterprises, and sell individual highly-technical components.

BEISSE Spark 4.3 Edgebander
BEISSE Spark 4.3 Edgebander
BIESSE Rover J CNC Router
BIESSE Rover J CNC Router
BIESSE Rover K CNC Machining Center
BIESE Rover K CNC Machining Center

BIESSE  CNC Offers a Global high-tech solutions

BIESSE CNC machines are available around the world over a broad network of 30 offices and branches in strategical market places. This means that there is a specialised after-sale support system available for customers, and they are also able to gather information about local markets, which directly influences the development of their new products, including the BIESE CNC machines.

The range of machines produced by BIESSE includes: