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bell equipmentBELL EQUIPMENT Company specializes in the manufacturing of rugged articulated dump trucks and custom modules for use with these trucks. The firm is a German subsidiary of the South African firm BELL EQUIPMENT.


The European branch of a leading South African vehicle manufacturer

BELL EQUIPMENT GmbH was founded in 2000 as one of the European subsidiaries of African firm BELL EQUIPMENT SOUTH AFRICA. The firm manufactures machinery for the construction industry with a focus upon the production of sturdy dump trucks for demanding conditions. Based in the town of Alsfeld, the firm also runs a factory in Eisenach and acts as the central hub for Bell's European operations. Components manufactured in South Africa are transported to Europe for assembly at BELL EQUIPMENT's factories, before being conveyed to clients across the continent from the logistics centre, which stores almost 9000 spare parts and components for the firm's construction equipment.

Creators of some of the world's most popular dump trucks

The firm's parent company has its origins in 1958, when Irvine Bell began manufacturing loaders targeted at South Africa's farmers and industrial businesses. The 1970s saw BELLEQUIPMENT move into other areas of industrial vehicles, manufacturing a popular range of earth movers and tractors and opening a huge production centre in the town of Richards Bay. However, the firm struck gold in the 1980s with its line of dump trucks, produced in partnership with Mercedes Benz, Bosch and Rexroth. These high quality, rugged vehicles acquired a following across Africa and soon, the rest of the world as well. During the 1990s, BELL Construction Equipment continued to perfect its dump truck range, introducing 40 and 50 tonne models and making their vehicles as efficient as possible. By 2000, the firm had grown to employ over 2000 people, but remained family owned. With the success of their vehicles range, the German subsidiary BELL Equipment GmbH was initiated to provide marketing support and high quality maintenance to customers. BELL Earthmoving Equipment company also set up its manufacturing facility in Eisenach, which operates an advanced production line, turning out as many as 17 vehicles per week to exacting customer specifications. By 2006, this production line had produced 1000 vehicles, proving the wisdom of the choice to expand into Europe.

The BELL EQUIPMENT product portfolio

Customised modules for the firm's dump trucks including:

  • Articulated semi-trailers
  • Rubber truck undercarriages
  • Large volume transportation bins
  • Water or fuel tanks
  • Timber transportation trailers
  • Tunnelling modules
  • Articulated dump trucks (payloads from 24,000 kg to 45,000 kg)
  • Fleet management systems Industrial lubricants for BELL EQUIPMENT products

The products manufactured by BELL EQUIPMENT are generally articulated dump trucks. These trucks are used in many different settings, from forestry to oil transportation, construction and mining. Any industrial situation where material transportation in demanding conditions is needed would be appropriate.