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bauer agA subsidiary of the BAUER Group of companies, BAUER AG manufactures heavy equipment including drills, cranes and piling hammers that is used by the oil and gas, mining and construction sectors.

One of the world's major players in drilling and foundation technology

German firm BAUER AG manufactures equipment for use in the construction of foundations, as well as drilling machinery for use in mining and oil and gas extraction. BAUER Germany traces its origins to 1970, when as a construction firm, BAUER realized that there was a lack of high quality pile driving and anchor drilling machinery available, so they decided to produce their own. By 1976, BAUR AG has produced superior models of both anchor drills and pile driving machinery for use on their own products, but word spread and soon BAUER machinery was on demand in construction projects across Europe. The firm also realised that the only way to continue to build equipment in-house was to produce in bulk and sell to other construction firms, which they began to do with great success in the 1980s. The 1990s BAUER AG saw focus totally on foundation drilling and pile driving, making several strategic acquisitions as they sought to cover every size of drill. In so doing, BAUER established a position at the head of the marketplace, not just within Europe, but worldwide.

Experts in Drilling in Extreme Conditions

Nowadays, the firm is known for being able to manufacture drilling rigs with high tolerance of extreme conditions. Their oil and gas rigs, for example, can weigh up to 500 tonnes and can be customized with features such as mud handling systems and hydraulic roughnecks. BAUER has also taken advantage of the drive towards renewable energy sources, providing maritime drilling solutions for constructors of wind turbines and those seeking access to marine gas hydrate reservoirs. BAUER is also extremely customer-centred, and offers a range of services to new and existing clients such as a comprehensive used parts provisioning service and an online customer centre which supplies support and consultancy services. The firm also sells used BAUER machines, clearly specifying their age and the number of hours that they have been used for. This transparency is in keeping with the stated company ethic, to prioritise safety, efficiency, reliability, environmental protection and quality. BAUER makes a point of sending German employees to sites across the world to the company's production locations in the Americas, Africa and Asia where they can provide advice and supervision regarding these core principles.


The BAUER Machine Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by BAUER includes:

  • Diaphragm-wall rigs
  • Slurry treatment equipment
  • Depth vibrators
  • Foundation cranes
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Universal-piling and anchor-drilling  rigs
  • Piling hammers
  • Exploration-water and geothermal drilling rigs
  • Blasthole drills

BAUER Machinery is used in a range of economic sectors, but the firm's major partners are in the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and construction industries. The firm has particular expertise in maritime energy exploration and the foundation stage of urban construction projects.