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BANDERA is a world leader in the manufacture of products for the packaging industry. They specialise in blown film equipment and sheet extrusion lines.


Founded in Italy in 1947 by Luigi Bandera, the company expanded at a rapid rate, becoming a joint-stock operation in the fifties. It was as the sixties dawned that BANDERA began to manufacture on an industrial scale, producing a wide range of extrusion products including sheet extrusion lines, pipe extrusion lines and extrusion equipment profiles. By the eighties the company, now known by its full name of COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE LUIGI BANDERA, was widely regarded as one of the world's leading players in blown film extrusion and sheet extrusion.

BANDERA remains a family-run business, with founder Luigi's sons, Piero and Franco, managing the company. As such, BANDERA is a customer focused business which aims to exceed expectations by fully understanding customer needs. On the production side, the mission of BANDERA is to supply technologically advanced solutions to the plastic industry at exceptional value.

BANDERA Product Portfolio

The range produced by BANDERA is focused on three main areas:

  • Blown film extrusion
  • Foil extrusion and sheet extrusion lines
  • Extrusion pipe

The blown film machines are designed to produce both single-layer and multi-layer packaging film for use in the medical and food industries. Other machines in the range manufacture plastic bags, industrial bags and agricultural film. The majority of the machines produced by BANDERA benefit from low power consumption.

Utilising state-of-the-art production methods, BANDERA is a leading manufacturer of extrusion technology. 

The company's diverse range includes:

  • Single screw extruders
  • Counter rotating extruders
  • Twin screw extruders

BANDERA is the only company in Italy with the capability to produce this technology in-house.