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Atlas Copco

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Atlas_Copco_logoATLAS COPCO manufactures a variety of construction, mining, vacuum, air compression and air treatment equipment. It aims to provide a range of sustainable solutions to improve industrial productivity.


ATLAS COPCO's company history

This international company was founded in 1873, in Stockholm, Sweden by André Oscar Wallenberg J.W. Arnberg, C.G. Cervin and F. Didron. Initially focusing on railroad construction and operation products, the company radically changed direction when Wallenberg sank a great deal of capital into the business after a recession in the 1880s. Under the direction of industrialist Oscar Lamm, the company diversified its production range to include locomotives, central heating and machine tools. Through a mix of necessity and active research, Nya Atlas (as it was then named) began producing its own pneumatic tools and air compressors at the turn of the 20th century, eventually selling them commercially. The early 20th century saw Atlas developing cleaner, more reliable diesel compressors. After catching up with its competitors’ air-cooled compressor technology, ATLASCOPCO led the way in 1967 by introducing screw compressors which produced oil-free compressed air.

At the same time, the company followed industry trends by exploring the possibilities in electrically-powered tools. In this vein, ATLAS COPCO Group acquired the German toolmaker Atlas AEG Werkzeuge in 1994, two years before its highly successful Tensor S electrical nutrunner hit the market. ATLAS COPCO Corp led the way again in 1994 when it introduced speed-controlled compressors, providing major energy savings. In 2004, the group acquired Ingersoll-Rand Drilling Solutions, and in 2007 it added a road construction division after buying Dynapac.

Compact tandem roller ATLAS COPCO
Compact tandem roller ATLAS COPCO
ATLAS COPCO  Low pressure compressors
ATLAS COPCO Low pressure compressors
ATLAS COPCO Asphalt floor saw
ATLAS COPCO Asphalt floor saw

The focus of the business

ATLAS COPCO machinery is divided into four areas of focus. These are construction, mining and rock excavation, compressors and industrial technique.

  • Air and gas compressors
  • Mining ventilation systems 
  • Vacuum pumps 
  • Mining drills and related equipment
  • Generators
  • Rock crushers and screeners 
  • Pumps 
  • Trolleys and hoists 
  • Energy recovery solutions