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AMADA is a globally active metal working machinery manufacturer with its roots in Japan. It focuses on sheet metal machinery, and has a strong focus on sustainability and client support.

A Japanese firm supplying sheet metalworking solutions worldwide

AMADA co. ltd. specializes in the production of machine tools for manufacturing industry and has been active in the sector for more than 60 years. The firm was founded in Japan by Isamu Amada in 1945, who began by manufacturing band saw blades that were in demand during Japan's post-war reconstruction. This basic Amada machines production expanded over the next fifty years, encompassing technological change such as bending machines, turret punch presses and laser-based cutting systems, placing AMADA JAPAN at the forefront of industrial production. By the 2000s, the company had a workforce of 6400 and had accumulated over 3000 patents for its equipment. AMADA Tooling had also become a global operation, with arms in America (AMADA Amercica), Asia, Europe (AMADA UK) and Africa, supplying sheet metal solutions wherever they were required. More recently, the firm has adopted an aggressive approach towards environmental sustainability, renovating its production processes to eliminate waste and carbon emissions wherever possible. It sees itself as a path-breaking engineering firm that can supply environmental solutions via innovation. AMADA Company also retains a close focus on customer service, with technical service facilities in Kidderminster, England, as well as North America. The British centre includes a large workspace for testing new and existing equipment to ensure that it is running correctly, and that clients are trained to use it effectively.

The AMADA Machinery Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by AMADA includes:

  • Press brakes
  • Panel benders
  • Design lasers
  • Hybrid lasers
  • Fibre lasers
  • Turret punch presses
  • High performances shearing machines
  • Combination installations
  • Robotic laser welding cells
  • Fabrivision inspection machines
  • Togu grinding machines
  • TSK welders
  • Automation towers
  • CAD and CAM software

AMADA machinery is used by industrial operations across a wide spectrum of sectors. Any company whose work includes the precision manipulation of sheet metal may partner with AMADA co, from vehicle and building manufacturing to military organizations.