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alupThe ALUP Kompressoren GmbH company is a German manufacturer of compressed air systems, based in the town of Köngen near Stuttgart. ALUP Kompressoren says it prides itself on a combination of technology and excellence, and ALUP has a global distribution and service network.

The history of ALUP Kompressoren GmbH

ALUP Kompressoren has a history that dates back to 1923, the year that it was founded in the town where it is still based, Köngen near Stuttgart. Originally ALUP made equipment to pump air into car tyres and this original business is still reflected in its name today. ALUP stands for Auto-LUft-Pumpen, which literally translates as "car air pumps". From these modest beginnings, ALUP branched out into making both stationary and mobile piston compressors for industrial use. Over the years ALUP Kompressor has concentrated on its specialised market and introduced innovations as technology has advanced. In 1980, ALUP introduced screw compressor technology in a range of machinery from 2,2kW to 400 kW. ALUP Compressoren says that quality and service are at the heart of what it does. ALUP has an extensive research and development facility to ensure that it retains its position as a world leader in the compressed air industry. In the 21st century, ARUP has concentrated its efforts on providing not only maximum value for its customers, but also on energy efficiency so that a ALUP compressor is as environmentally friendly as possible. With a worldwide reputation, ALUP Kompressoren draws on the heritage of its long history in the business, while always looking ahead so as to offer its clients the very latest and best products in the future.


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