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One of the world's foremost producers of motor vehicle components and garden equipment, AL-KO has been in existence since 1931. Their core value has always been Quality for Life.

About AL-KO

From humble origins in the small village of Großkötz in Günzburg, Germany, AL-KO GmbH has grown to become a world leader in the components industry. Locksmith Alois Kober was just 23 years old when he founded the company in 1931 as a metalworking shop. It wasn't long before Kober moved into engineering, laying the foundations for the company's future reputation as a quality manufacturer of hand brake levers, frame chassis for caravans and lawnmowers.

In 1975, AL-KO added air conditioning technology to a product portfolio which already included the manufacture of a wide variety of motor vehicle components and products for the home garden including  lawn mowers and water pumps. Today, the company is a world-wide concern with over 50 sites located across the globe including its native Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Australia, employing in excess of 4,000 thousand people in the process.

AL-KO Product Portfolio

AL-KO is divided into three distinct areas, each producing technology for separate industries - automotive, air-conditioning and garden.

Vehicle technology has long been at the forefront of AL-KO activities. Their products in this area include:

  • Shock absorbers 
  • Gas springs 
  • Chassis for caravans and motorhomes
  • Anti-skid systems

Much of AL-KO's international business lies within the manufacture of garden machinery. Their portfolio in this area includes a variety of lawnmowers such as electric, petrol and robotic models, in addition to lawn tractors. Other garden-related tools produced by AL-KO include:

  • Cultivators
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Electric chainsaws

Still run by the Kober family, AL-KO products remain a leading force in industrial technology and engineering.